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Re: [RC] Whats New with SERA - password safety - Ed & Wendy Hauser

"a fax is not and fax transmissions are easy to detect and
decode and it takes very little work to get a conversation off a cell

While I've never heard of it being done, I've always wondered what would
prevent an enterprising thief from physically tapping into the phone wire
that goes to a catalog store, and listening to the credit card numbers being
spoken.  Seems to me that this would get many more numbers per day than
listening to random cell phone calls.

Thanks for the advice about strange symbols in passwords, much easier to
remember than random sequences.  Strange case shifts also are a good hint.
I haven't done this, probably because the first password system I used, was
not yet case sensitive.

In my own case (as opposed to a bank or a government) I have a hard time
believing that someone would find it profitable to steal small enough
amounts from my bank account or credit card that I wouldn't notice (like
<$10/month), so frequent password changes seem more hassle than they are

My former employer, a fortune 500 company, required the same changes you
mentioned(but not the numbers, though I did that).  It was a real pain and
forced me to keep notebook with all my passwords in it.(eventually there
were 5 or more company systems and sights each requiring a different
password)   I kept the book in my briefcase so at least it wasn't available
to the janitors after hours.
The changes did encourage me to keep the passwords as short as possible

There was an interesting thing about the password system.  When one dialed
in from the field (or later through the internet) you had to use a password
to get onto the system, then your user name and password to get to your
account.  When this first started they assigned passwords, and said that
required user changes would be coming in a year.  10 years later, they still
had not implemented the system!  On top of that my password (it should now
be void since I retired) assigned by IT was "westeast".


Ed & Wendy Hauser
2994 Mittower Road
Victor, MT 59875



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