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Re: [RC] does weight really matter? - Lynn Kinsky

> I do believe Lew Hollander used to do that in his younger days here in
 the Northwest. On foot, run an entire 50 miler next to his horse and
 still come in with good time. I think I remember hearing he did 100s
 that way too, mostly running on foot. But he is an ultramarathoner and
 I believe he has done the Western States 100 Run (Tevis) several times
 and has won many ride & ties. He is getting older now so I think he
 has slowed down. I'll have to check his book he wrote on Endurance
 riding. It gives all the details. Amazing guy!

I know that Lew has run entire LD rides with his horse, but to the best of my knowledge he has not run an entire 50 with his horse, and certainly not a 100. But he did do a lot of groundwork.

I rode quite a bit in the days that Lew was an active rider, and passed
him more than a few times on the downhills when he was off running and I
stayed on my reliable horse with "4-leg-drive."

When it generally takes a human well over two hours to win a marathon (and
most do it quite a bit slower than that), while a runner may make "good"
time running with his horse, it would be a pretty rare person who could do
a 50 in the sub-4 hour times that are sometimes posted with footing
comparable to the sorts of areas where people routinely run.  And the
tougher terrain that slows horses down likewise slows down human runners.
So while it is entirely possible to finish in good time running most of
the way, it is darn difficult to be competitive and run more than some of
the dicey spots.


OTOH, Tim Twietmeyer (#510) ran with the horses at Tevis this year, and was 10th across the finish line. But he wasn't slowed down by the holds required of the horses -- he could just keep running.

Lynn Kinsky, Santa Ynez, CA http://www.silcom.com/~lkinsky/


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