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Re: [RC] The Numbers Are Running Against Us - Truman Prevatt

Frankly I gone really give a rats behind what someone shows up to at a ride nor do I do this sport to win big money prizes. Money and horses don't seem to go together in the same sentence unless it is spend it.

I actually don't give a rats behind if the Arabian breed becomes a small nitch breed or if it flourished and takes over the world (which I doubt very seriously and which is what I think the orginal poster was pointing out) as long as I have a good horse to ride.

I'm  not an Arabian breeder so I could care less if the demand for the breed goes up or down.

On the international level Arabs or I suspect most likely some sort of Arab cross will end up dominating. Since it seems on this level that 7 to 8 hour 100's are what is going to take to win at the worlds and the big races in the middle east, it will probably most likely be a cross to get in some more speed.

Am I a member of the AHR - yep. Why, I like to support the organization since I do have a couple Arabs ( that came to me - shudder - sweepstakes nominated). However, the AHR is missing the boat since it's given up the recreational market to the other breeds. The fastest growing market for horses is in the recreational sector. That's just plain not good business and the breeders should be the ones making the noise. Of course Heidi will probably tell you that the current show ring horse is not a good candidate for the recreational rider and that very few breeders are breeding such an Arabian today and she is probably right.

Frankly as the old movie goes, "Frankly Scarlett, I don't give a damn."


Lif Strand wrote:
At 07:39 PM 10/1/2004, Truman Prevatt wrote:
How many recreational riders do you see on Arabs? How many do you see on the QH or gaited horse? At some point it will catch up with them.

I think it's pretty regional.  When I used to live in CA you saw mostly Arabians on the trail.  Here you see "ranch horses" which means the same thing as mutt horses, generally part QH or part Arabian.  I think anyone riding a gaited horse in my neck of the woods would be asked if the horses needed a vet or a bullet.  But only a little over 100 miles to the east on the Rio Grande you see all kinds on the trail - gaited, Arabians, drafts, donkeys and mules.  I've never seen so many donkeys under saddle in my life!

But you go to an endurance ride around SW NM and you'll still see mostly Arabians.  People are still digging them up from somewhere.  But as you say, the AHR isn't pushing them, and soon there won't be so many on the trails.  So all you people listen to Truman and get into non-Arabians real quick.  Hurry up - I've waited a long time to get the big money prizes in endurance!

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           Quemado NM USA
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"It is necessary to be noble, and yet take humility as a basis

   "It is necessary to be noble, and yet take humility as a basis.

    It is necessary to be exalted, and yet take modesty as a foundation."


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