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Re: [RC] pound dog mentality for horses...making me wonder - Lynne Glazer

YIKES, breathe, breathe--

Tracey, you just inserted Gabi's post in the middle of Lif's. Lif is no newbie. Gabi is, and is in Israel to boot, not exactly endurance ground-central. (Maybe you want to take a look at Lif's record including her Tevis finishes?)

Nobody is attacking newbies, auction buyers or you personally, Tracey. Just because Truman got his underwear in a knot over Heidi's breeding program is no reason to assume that the handful of posters on this topic in any way represents the THOUSANDS of people who read ridecamp, let alone the ones that don't.

Didn't you read the threads from the people still driving old trucks and two horse trailers? We accept all comers in this sport that have the brains to take proper care of their animals and follow the AERC rules. We could care less what you or your equine wears (as long as it fits, no spandex jokes please), let alone your camping setup OR the source of your horse!

I think Lif's caveats are well taken, but, Tracey, it's just MY opinion, in no way am I trying to influence your choices or suggest that they are wrong. I also do not agree with Truman that Heidi has been solely pushing her own program but rather has carefully pointed out the benefits of known programs vs. the gamble of selecting a horse that might not be suited to the sport.

It could be argued that my feedlot purchase was both successful and not successful. She did LD from age 16-22, with a 50 thrown in. Her rider had a good time throughout, except on that 50 where the mare 'bout ripped her arms out. She had soundness issues from how she was treated at the feedlot. She's still rideable at 24. For the majority of us out there that ride for the miles, not the placement, I'd say she had a successful career.

who started with a 2 horse and old truck as well

On Sep 4, 2004, at 2:41 PM, Tracey Smith wrote:

Truman is not the only one sick of this thread.? As a newbie to this sport your post just seems arrogant to me and it's as if you are saying because my mare was a rescue and not papered she is not qualified to compete alongside your "highbred" horses.
I can assure you I did not go to an auction looking for an endurance prospect and before I considered even KEEPING this mare she was fully evaluated by my vet.? Same vet has also been consulted to be sure she is sound and capable of doing what I ask.
I was hoping endurance was like CTR in that folks were accepting and friendly and helpful regardless of your horses breeding, or what kind of rig you drive...but the way this thread is going is really making me start to wonder.
Just my observation.
From: Lif Strand <lif@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [RC]?? "pound dog" mentality for horses?


At 10:54 AM 9/5/2004, Gabi (Ra'anana Farm) wrote:
>On the other hand, it is so rare that cheap horses win it from the $
>horses, that it stands out, but does not proof they are equal?

No, it doesn't prove that they are *all* equal.? The rare exception
not prove that they are equal at all, only that the possibility is
there.? All that it shows is that there is a *chance* that somewhere,
 sometime, and rarely, a cheap pound horse will win in some sport.? But
Heidi has brought up, what if that cheap pound horse was actually a
purebred QH that was better bred than the horse he  beat?

As Sandy said, the source of the horse, where you got it, isn't the
point.? It's *what* you get that counts.

I know Truman is sick to death of this discussion, but I am finding
that it
is really refining our thoughts about what a successful endurance horse
is.? This "source" talk is just one aspect, of course, but it has been
very weak link in the chain of thought.? I hope we can continue it and
learn more.

??? Lif Strand????? fasterhorses.com

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[RC] pound dog mentality for horses...making me wonder, Tracey Smith