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Re: [RC] 'pound dog' mentality for horses? - heidi

Well lets see. My wife bought the Jbird for a song because the person
couldn't deal with him - he was a pistol. The next stop for him would
have been the auction I am sure. I got him for free because he was too
quick for my wife and she kept ending up on the ground. He's still a
pistol and still quick and we'll have 10 years riding together next

Truman, you may be having a ball, but given the medical bills and trauma
that your wife has undergone, and the repeated tales of how you wrenched
this or that because the horse jumped or piled you or whatever, they sound
pretty darned "expensive" to me.

I'm just a tubby little old lady who doesn't have the balance I used to,
and who goes "splat" too darn hard if I hit the ground.  I've come off a
couple of times on spooks that were mild enough that I wouldn't have given
them a second thought in my younger years--but the fact that they were
mild also meant that I didn't get hurt.  The only thing that has managed
to hurt me dumping me in the past several years is the backhoe--when I
flipped that on its side, I broke a couple of ribs.  I'd rather pay more
for the sane horse and not pay the doctor, but then that's just me...  So
give me the honest horses, any day!



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[RC] "pound dog" mentality for horses?, Tracey Smith
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