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Re: [RC] "pound dog" mentality for horses? - Truman Prevatt

Well lets see. My wife bought the Jbird for a song because the person couldn't deal with him - he was a pistol. The next stop for him would have been the auction I am sure. I got him for free because he was too quick for my wife and she kept ending up on the ground. He's still a pistol and still quick and we'll have 10 years riding together next year. Before him I got the mare for 800 bucks. She was for sale because the owner couldn't control her. I'm no sure I always had full control of her but we had a ball together. After all she was called the "Horse from Hell.". She is still my number one and the memories with her will never be forgotten.

Then there was Stormy.  One day we got an offer to buy the mare's mother, Stormy for 200 bucks. It was that or she was off to the meat truck. We did. She was 15 at the time so we just though she would be a pasture ornament since she was "unridable." Well we breed the mare when she was nine so I needed a horse to ride so I started to work with Stormy. After awhile we came to an understanding. Stormy did a few CTR's and LD and then her first 50 with me. She was a blast to ride and one of the fastest horses I've ever ridden. After the foal was weaned, my wife took Stormy and did a season or two of endurance rides on her. She was "hell on wheels" but a ball to ride. She fell in a hole and hurt her shoulder so would never be endurance sound again but was fine for trail riding. One of the few  regreats I have was not being able to get her when she was younger before all the abuse she had to suffer. Her crime was she didn't want to piddle around with trail riding with the quarter horse folks or even the walking horse folks (she was a walker) - she was born to run and loved to run.

Back before I got the Jbird I bought an Arab to repalce the mare. I was going to retire her after the '96 season to breed. I looked long and hard for an Arab for endurance.  This horse was well bred - even sweepstakes nominated, and looked and vetted out as a good endurance "prospect." He was a police horse but the deputy had to sell one of his horses because he was going through a divorce. Dan would bring the highest price so that's the one his exwife demanded he sell. He was a reputable owner and had bought Dan from a reputable breeder. On paper and from what two vets said Dan should have worked but he didn't.

Bottom line was the horse would not have held up so his career was short - one LD and 50 and a few CTR's started, one LD and 50 and a few CTR's completed. So I got the mean old snarley, spooky, and general pain the the butt hand me down reject - the Jbird - and have been going down  the trail with him ever since - be 10 years together on the trail next year.

Have the "pound - hound" horses that have come my way been good horses that I've had a lot of fun with -yep. Is there a risk in getting one - there is a risk in crossing the street. So far the only reject I've had from being able to go out and do endurance was the one I bought to specifically be an endurance horse and paid the biggest bucks for.

I am sure others have found their dream horse from breeders. Buying any horse is a risk. But as Ed will tell you sometimes you just look at a horse and say "he is gorgeous - I want him!"  And as they say, "that's the rest of the story."


Tracey Smith wrote:
Truman, you are so right...I like your thinking!
Yes, the "pound dog" mentality (and that is not meant to be demeaning...I have it too) can spill over into horses too! 

"It is necessary to be noble, and yet take humility as a basis

   "It is necessary to be noble, and yet take humility as a basis.

    It is necessary to be exalted, and yet take modesty as a foundation."


[RC] "pound dog" mentality for horses?, Tracey Smith