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Re: [RC] In the top ten - Ed & Wendy Hauser

I can think of many times knowing where I was in relation to my (HW)
competition has allowed me to take better care of my horse.  Since I tend to
think in relation to examples,  I will give a couple of situations here.

Assume that it is the next to the last ride of the year, for your local
endurance club.  You are virtually tied for total points with another rider.
Your horse has been going great all day.  Between your own observations, and
help from your crew, you know that the HW leader is about 30 minutes ahead
going into the last 12 mile loop.  This is not a problem, because this
leader is not in contention for the local year end award.  The person you
are tied with is behind you.  If you know that he/she is 30 minutes behind
you can slow down, saving your horse.  If  he/she is only 5 minutes behind
or ahead you will have to ride your horse as fast as you safely can, if you
want to go into the last ride ahead on points.

If on the other hand, the important rider were the first one, 30 minutes
ahead, you might as well go slow and hope for a better chance in the last

In other words, knowledge of other riders and their positions potentially
allow you to ride smarter.

Ed & Wendy Hauser
2994 Mittower Road
Victor, MT 59875


People in Alabama swear by manure tea as an herbal remedy for colds.
~ Lisa Redmond

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