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Re: [RC] re: the best method to reform a dedicated puller - RDCARRIE

We bought a horse who was a "dedicated puller" but we didnt' realize it at the time.  We tie our horses to feed them.  Each is tied high (well over their head) with enough slack to eat out of the bucket (which is also hooked on the tree), but not enough slack to get a leg through.  This new horse, a Paso mare, would set back with determination when tied the first few times.  She wasn't panicking, but rather, she was very calculatingly trying to break free.  We just used a stout lead and good halter, and stood by and let her have at it till she gave up, watching to make sure she didn't hurt herself.  She only tried it maybe 4 or 5 times, and has never done it since.  We didn't realize it was a chronic thing with her at the time - we thought she just took exception to being tied for dinner.  Then we happened to mention to her former owners that she was tied - they were shocked - they said they could never tie her because she'd set back, so they always used a break-away halter, so that she could break free if she set back.  Heck, they had *taught* her that she could get loose if she pulled!  Well, she's now learned that "that dog don't hunt" here, and will stand very patiently for as long as she is tied.

Dawn in East Texas