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Re: [RC] Stick vs. Automatic - heidi

I sure wouldn't trust my powerstorke towing on some of the downhills in
CO without selective tapping of the brakes. A diesel in a "runaway" mode
 is not a pleasent sight - that's why the tuckers have runaway ramps.
If  I lived out West and drove a diesel, I'd sure have a "Jake brake."

It's not a matter of automatic vs. manual - once the engine is being
driven by gravity - it doesn't care what is behind it.

Oh, no argument about that--but the point is, no need to wear out your
brakes as long as the truck IS staying steady on the speed where you put
it with your manual tranny.

I suspect this situation would be even worse with an automatic, though.


Common sense should also be a part of the decision making process. If you
see someone who doesn't have any, hand them your tool box.
~ Lisa Salas - The Odd Farm

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