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Re: [RC] parelli, clinton, natural horse, training, etc. - Chris Paus

exactly... some of the principles for working with
horses are fine. I'd be lying if I said I didnt' glean
some good horsemanship tips from some of the gurus.
But I also am put off by the glitz and glamour and
crass marketing of these guys... instead of patience,
it becomes an ego thing.. how fast can you train a

The other thing to remember also is these guys are
working in a safe, confined space. At some point one
has to take that horse out of the arena and into the
real world.  Theoretically, the lessons learned in the
round pen should give the horse a good background for 
real life, but not always.

Each horse is an individual with emotions and feelings
and a low or high level of tolerance for things that
humans do.

I've seen two kinds of reactions to the guru clinics
and both alarm me. One is the person who thinks after
watching a clinic, he or she can run right home and
put old Dobbin through the same thing and immediately
get the same results..the other is the person who is
so awed and amazed by what happens that she measures
herself to the guru and thinks there's no way she can
train a horse.

In reality, neither reaction is quite accurate!

Then there are the people who bounce from clinician to
clincian taking in the advice de jour and when that
quits working, bouncing on to another guru..


Die, no.  Gun, no...........but I must admit that I
do get put off,
certainly not by what is accomplished with the
horse, but by the whole
"cult philosophy" of the ardents of different
big-name natural horsemen
programs, particularly the notion that God has some
particular annointing
of one person over another.  On sale now  authentic
"JC" saddlepads, bits,
jeans, & hats.  See some of these good ol's simple
God-fearing country boys
when it comes time to demands for $ and perks for
their seminars, and who
can & can't be at various trade
shows..........t'aint purty missy!

"A good horse makes short miles," George Eliot

Chris and Star

BayRab Acres
In my experience (22 year worth) most endurance riders are great people who
will go out their way to help and be friendly.
~  Laura Hayes

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Re: [RC] parelli, clinton, natural horse, training, etc., Jon . Linderman