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Re: [RC] ] shipping boots - Rides 2 Far

In essence they can cause more 
problems than they prevent.  Second, they retain heat and can 
restrict blood flow (if too tight) to those all important feet. 

I have never had a chafing problem...and my quality shipping boots have
never come off or down. My old cheap ones did, but my good ones have
shaped to his leg and never seem to budge. A quality pair would be
difficult to "cut off blood flow" with. They're thick and have wide
velcro strips.  I'd think that's more of a risk with wraps. 

I've had times when they did come in handy that I think were unavoidable
situations...O.K. in hindsight maybe avoidable but still was *trying* to
be careful. Unloaded Kaboot in a parking lot once and happened to park
the rear of the trailer over a spot where a car had dripped oil. When his
hoof hit it his leg zipped right under the rear of the trailer.  Boot
saved a nasty scrape. Same situation unloading a horse on the road once. 
As much as we haul cross country have to unload on pavement some.

A friend of mine doesn't bother with them. The floor in his trailer fell
through and though he felt the lurch & struggle from the horses & stopped
immediatly.  His horse's fetlock hit the pavement and it scraped a nasty
deep hole there. A shipping boot would have helped protect it.  

I'm a rediculously careful driver (got to my destination once and found
my coffee cup I'd left on the bumper still there), but for some reason
people see a horse trailer coming and want to pull out fast in front of
me.  I know there's times I'll have to hit the brakes.  Just like to
hedge my bits all I can.  

My only fear with shipping boots is fire ants. When I unload to walk him
I'm VERY careful to avoid their hill areas and check the boots well
before I load back up.


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