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Re: [RC] ] shipping boots - sharp penny

I'm reading these shipping boot threads with great
interest. I personally don't like them for the reasons
others have stated, they are hot, tend to shift, bunch up
or just annoy the horse in general. I have in the past used
standing leg wraps with bell boots. Properly applied these
don't bunch or shift. This combo saved an incident from
becoming a major injury. A newly purchased 2yr old decided
to climb into the feed manger in an older model straight
load BP. One of the front leg wraps ended up
shredded..could have been a shredded leg instead, and
possibly the end of a brillent horses' career. (He went on
to being a multi pinto nat'l champion) Let me say, leg
wraps are NOT for everyone, you have to know how to
correctly wrap so you have even pressure to prevent bowing
a tendon.
Now that I have a better trailer there is nothing inside
it that can injure a leg so I don't wrap. Occasionally I do
haul with no turn bell boots for a horse I know will need
them. Once had a horse that spent the entire trailer ride
trying to pull off his front shoes. (guess he was just
bored...lol) The bell boots put an end to that in short
order. In the years I've spent hauling with out wraps the
only injury I have had is to the heel bulb and bell boots
would have prevented it.


Do accidents happen?  Sure.  Are  there horses who need
leg protection in a trailer? Sure.  


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Re: [RC] ] shipping boots, Jennifer Judkins