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Re: [RC] ] shipping boots - Jennifer Judkins

Angie wrote:  "I've been wearing seatbelts for 35 years and I've never had a use for
them once. They're not especially comfortable but I wear them anyway."

Angie, I don't wear my seatbelt most of the time, either :- P (sorry couldn't resist)

Maybe my first post seemed flip.  I don't use boots for a couple of reasons: first, most don't fit well, chafe under certain circumstance somehow out of my control and my horse almost always gets one loose and then trips on it.  In essence they can cause more problems than they prevent.  Second, they retain heat and can restrict blood flow (if too tight) to those all important feet.  Third, I feel it is my horses responsibility to stay calm and watch where he puts his feet on and off the trailer.   I spend alot of time training this and horses who cannot learn to be calm in a trailer and while getting on and off the trailer, IMHO do not make ideal trail mounts (endurance or not).

Do accidents happen?  Sure.  Are  there horses who need leg protection in a trailer? Sure. 


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[RC] ] shipping boots, Rides 2 Far