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Re: [RC] the sport? - Stephanie E Caldwell

>>I've never heard of that being considering practicing veterinary medicine by the lay judge and these events have been going on a lot longer than endurance rides and there is one at the Biltmore every year. As far as treatment a licensed vet can supervise a unlicensed vet in most states and that's perfectly okay.
Here in North Carolina an unlicensed vet can not check for soundness, give any type of shots, even down to checking HR if you take the law literally. Last fall there was a vet in Raleigh who had a close friend who ran a boarding barn. This vet used this person's boarding barn as his treatment facility, he checked the horses every mornign and night and left instructions for the barn owner to administer various injections and do misc tasks throughout the day. That was against the law here and the vet ended up losing his license for 2 years and having a sizeable fine.
How vet laws here are very stringent, I got my copy out since my first post. It is illegal for anyone other than a licensed vet or the horse owner to do anykind of veterinary procedures, even telling someone that you think their horse might have whatever can be prosucted here. They don't take it to those extremes very often, but it can be done with our laws. With our laws here I don't loan books, uncontrolled vaccinces and drugs, etc... to anyone because that can be considered practice of veterinary medicine without a license.
That said, out vet board is pretty cool about not taking that law to the extreme. Our inspectors are reasonable people with a law enforcement and animal background, but it's seems like it would be a liability anyhow.

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