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Re: [AERC-Members] [RC] Malik: - Truman Prevatt

In FL it may not be only LD, but in general most horses are brough along slowly either using CTR's which are mostly 25 or LD's. A year of two of 25 mile CTR's and maybe some LD's thrown it sure doesn't seem to hurt them. Down here many a horse got it's start doing 25 mile CTR's to build a good base before he was asked for more.


Heidi Smith wrote:
Re: [RC]   Malik:
LDs are a wonderful tool for the horses that either don't have the physiology to start off with 50s, or don't have riders who do the prep at home, or for teaching a new one to work in a camp-out environment.  For most HORSES, when used this way, one is plenty.  Furthermore, it isn't anything you CAN'T do with them at home or in a non-competitive atmosphere.  Riders are another story--it takes some riders several LDs to get THEMSELVES convinced they can do 50.  There are also riders who enjoy the sport who are physically limited and cannot ride further--and LD gives them the opportunity to come be part of the "family" so to speak.  And as such, it is great to have the opportunity available.
But to chain good horses to LDs for a year is counterproductive.  (It is also interesting to note how few of the really top horses with regard to both competitive capability and longevity never did one single solitary LD...)


Re: [RC] Malik:, Tiffany D'Virgilio
Re: [RC] Malik:, Heidi Smith