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Re: [AERC-Members] [RC] Malik: - Heidi Smith

>In FL it may not be only LD, but in general most horses are brough along slowly either using CTR's which are mostly 25 or LD's. A year of two of 25 mile CTR's and maybe some LD's thrown it sure doesn't seem to hurt them. Down here many a horse got it's start doing 25 mile CTR's to build a good base before he was asked for more.
I've found that one CAN bring horses on slowly on 50's as well.  And--one CAN bring horses on slowly at home.  Remember, Truman--not all horses are the same.  I would have thought the one I'm on now could have done LDs forever, but by his 3rd one, he had it down pat and figured the only thing to do to make it more interesting was to become a real idiot and try to go faster.  My first 50 on him was a real trip, consequently--but having stepped up to slow 50's,  he now leaves camp like a gentleman again, and is happy as a clam just cruising down the trail at mid-to-latter-third-of-the-pack completion speed.  (Heck, we were even last on our last ride.)  The take-home message is that one size does not fit all here.  I'm not in any way suggesting that those who benefit from more time doing shorter distances should not do so.  I'm only saying that it is not responsible to suggest that that is how ALL horses need to be brought along.

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