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Re: [RC] molasses - was tying up question (long) - Susan Garlinghouse

It may not have anything to do with it, but some of my friends who had
horses tie up took them off of sweet feed and they stopped tying up.  It
was that simple.

JMO, but I think there's as much variation among horses in their ability to
handle simple sugars as there is among humans.  Some humans have a different
metabolism, activity level, genetic background and lifetime diet, and so are
variably sensitive to carbohydrates, the most extreme cases of intolerance
being diabetics.

Supposedly, horses don't get diabetes, but there's starting to be a lot of
evidence that horses are variably insulin-resistant, which translates to
intolerance to sugars---including that in molasses, depending on the type
and amount used.  Some horses that metabolize and utilize sugars just dandy
can gobble down grain and molasses and glycogen loaders by the truckload,
feel just great and go conquer the world without turning a hair.  The
problem IMO is that not every horse can do that---a lot of horses *are*
insulin-resistant, meaning they can eat sugars, get a sky-high blood glucose
reading and *feel* like they can conquer the world---but because the glucose
isn't getting into the muscle cells where it belongs, and because the high
glucose has shut down fatty acid lipolysis, then those horses' Rocket Fuel
Factor is writing checks that the body can't cash.  And I wonder if that's a
factor in at least *some* of the crashes that occur.  Not all.  Maybe just
some.  Maybe in others, it just shows up as being prone to tying up, being a
certifiable butthead, or just more likely to run themselves into the ground
and blow their legs apart at the knees.

I realize this is going off on a tangent different than what's happening
with David and Maggie's horses (which I still think is most likely a
selenium issue); plus, I realize there's a train of thought that carbs are
the solution to every problem including whiplash and bad dye jobs, and
anyone thinking otherwise is a loser or poobah (though I prefer 'Doctor
Poobah') or whatever.  Okay by me either way, I don't make my living by
selling anything.  I just think that as with everything, there are no simple
answers and never one solution that solves every problem.  Just some food
for thought I've been musing over lately and felt like spouting off about.

Susan Garlinghouse DVM


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[RC] tying up question (long), DreamWeaver
Re: [RC] tying up question (long), DreamWeaver