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Re: [RC] Equine Dentist vs Vet teeth floating - rackinfool

Kathy and all,
yes that is the one drawback with the Equine Dentists that they cannot give the sedative. The Equine Dentist in my area, and who has also taken out the woman staying with me for dental work, has a Vet that doesn't want to do much Vet practice so she comes to his jobs and administers the shot.
I personally am most impressed with both the local Dentist and with this woman that is staying with me. They seem to know so much about the problems that incorrect dentistry can do.
In fact the first time the local Dentist looked at one of my geldings, he said I bet he has a hard time going to the left. I was stunned, because I have been having problems with him turning or even lounging to the left. He said he has a ridge on his teeth that make it painful for him.
He is coming out in a couple of weeks and the two of them will float all of my horses.
Now as to some of the replies that don't feel that they need to float every year, I have to say, that from all the Vets and equine Dentists I have talked to, once a year is a must. Even babies under one year have sharp hooks.
When I was up in Canada in May there was a clinician of Equine Dentistry and I learned a lot from him, once a year is the max that a horse should go.
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Sent: Monday, August 04, 2003 3:07 PM
Subject: [RC] Equine Dentist vs Vet teeth floating

I've had experiences going both ways.  Out in CA my
most excellent vet did an excellent float.  There
are also excellent Equine Dentists out there.  But
there is one (was out in CA) who is not a DVM and
yet would sedate illegally without having a DVM on
hand.  There was a big bru-ha-ha about it a couple
years ago.  The worst part though was atleast one
"float" done by this person took so much tooth off a
teenage TB that the horse's molars no longer touched. 
Horses do not have unlimited amount of dental material. 
Once the last of the tooth has errupted and is gone,
there is no more tooth.

On the other hand, while I have an excellent vet
here in NM I asked him about floating Blue's teeth
and he said Blue doesn't need to be done and might
not need to be done for years.  I know this is not
right because Blue has an overbite and needs dental
work more often than once every 5 years!  I will be
getting recommendations from this area for someone
to do Blue's teeth and I'll go with either a regular
veterinarian or equine dentist, whoever comes highly

So, I think it really depends on the person. I don't
want to see a non-DVM sedating my horse. All sedation
carries risk no matter how slight.  OK, this is
completely noncommital but I hope it helps.

Kathy Myers
in Santa Fe, NM



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[RC] Equine Dentist vs Vet teeth floating, Magnumsmom