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2011 Vermont 100, Moonlight 75/50

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Photos by Sandy Howland

100 Miles:

1. Christina Phillips - Elegant Pride - 11:54
2. Michelle Rice - TEF Lunar - 12:27
3. Claire Godwin - EH Ahmose - 12:27

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75 Miles:

1. Kathryn Downs - Bey Gibby - 11:32
2. Dean Hilliard - RA Sultan - 11:37
3. Maynard - This Buds For You - 13:30

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50 Miles:

1. Meg Sleeper - Syrocco ... - 5:27
2. Marzena Piwko - Ridin Miss Daisy - 6:18
2. Sheila Braun - Rocket - 6:18

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Moonlight 50 Story - Sandy Howland

So I guess Im supposed to write a story! My first version was a 3 sentence blub that we survived. That just wouldn’t do!

In short, I am writing to report that my Tennessee Walker and I completed our first 50 at Moonlight In Vt. I am so proud of my boy!

Now for the story.

We had a uneventful trip up from New Jersey. Sherry Morse, myself, and Lauren Brown (our unsuspecting crew) left NJ at 4am sharp to beat the nasty NYC and Ct traffic. We made it up to Vt in 7 hours and change and got a gorgeous parking spot down the hill. In retrospect, it would have been nice to be UP the hill.

Skipping forward to Saturday, boy was it nice to start at 2pm. Many people warned us that the 2pm start would get the better of us. Let me tell you, I could do a 2pm start from now on! It was great to have the morning to putz around and get ready slowly, not to mention sleep in past 4:30am...


July 16 6:45 AM

Beautiful weather for the Vermont 100, down to 50 last night with a cool morning breeze and clear skies. Three hundred and twenty two runners started at 4AM with thirty three 100 mile horses at 5AM.

Sue Greenall

July 16 10:25 AM

No pulls at hold #1 ! One incident at the start, Meg Sleeper's mare broke her halter and toured the area for a few hours. She was found 7 miles from camp, returned unscathed and is planning on starting the 50 at 2PM. Horses are staying pretty close in time but the spread starts after Hold #2 with the climb up Agony Hill and then on to Roosevelt's. 50's are getting ready for the 2PM start. Lovely weather, 80 degrees with a light breeze. Does not get any better!!! John and I are off to the barn to saddle up and plan on a relaxed pace as this is Charlie's 2,970th mile! One more ride and then retirement!

Sue Greenall

July 16 11:46 PM

Riders and runners are still coming in and will all night. The runners have 30 hours to complete which takes them to 10AM on Sunday. No one is in the treatment barn and very few horses pulled. Super weather and ideal conditions for a great ride. Results tomorrow.

Sue Greenall

July 18

I just returned from the camp site where EVERYTHING is gone, just a field again. I often think of this event as Brigadoon, arises from nothing once a year. Many people came up and thanked me for putting this event on. In truth, it could not be done without the dedication of the volunteers who make it run like a well oiled machine. Hold managers bake food, timers come from hundreds of miles away, neighbors who don't have horses and don't know what the heck we are doing put out water. How about the people who put out hoses for spraying the horses? And the local set out their chairs and cheer everyone by! Landowners who buy a property and then learn that the race comes through and allow it! And the runners are incredible and support having us with them. There are so many people to thank for this wonderful event. I hope all that attended went home with a great feeling and we look forward to seeing you next year.

Sue Greenall