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2006 Vermont 100 Coverage

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Thanks to ride sponsors, we were able to give out some wonderful awards today as well as give every volunteer at T-shirt. The 100 mile riders received a buckle which follows the tradition of the sport. All Top Ten riders in the three rides received baskets of Vermont made products donated to the ride by local companies. The 100 had a 68% completion rate, the 75 - 80% and the 50's - 87%. During the ride award ceremony, the runners held their countdown for the last runner in at 30 hours. A 71 year old man crossed the line with 11 seconds to spare to the roar of both the runners and riders. Sharing the trail with the runners is truly a most remarkable experience, one which any rider who does this ride can hardly put into words. If anyone doing the ride felt tired, all they had to do was look over at the runners!!!

And they think we are remarkable to have ridden 100 miles!

Sue Greenall


Congratulations Farzad. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.


100 Milers

Farzad Faryadi and Hot Desert Night

Hernan Barbosa and WinstarR

Liby Llop and Fly So Free

75 Milers

Stagg Newmann and FFC First Scea Lord

Sandra Fretelliere and Mona Tika PW

Jennifer Townes and Best of Kin PW

50 Milers

Kathy Brunges and Theatric

Tom Hutchinson and Tektonic

Lindsay Bean and Lazaarr

Complete Results


A late afternoon storm almost stopped the Vermont 100 in it's tracks. While the 100's were in Reading at Hold #3 where it simply rained, a windstorm complete with hail hit base camp just as the 50's were completing their first loop. Even the big tent was at risk at one point. Wind, driving rain and hail caused riders to fight their way along the trail for at least 15 minutes. And then it was over. It was only when the 100's started down the last 4 miles towards camp that the amazing number of down trees alongside the road brought the storm's impact home. Runner crews had taken a large tractor and chainsaws out to clear the trail only hours earlier.

At 2:25 the last 100 is still 5 miles from camp. Heading for bed, results in the morning.

John and Sue Greenall


Hold #1 pulls - Ranelle Kohut and John Crandell

Hold#2 - at 11:42 - 13 100's and 4 75's were in the hold. First out Farzad Faryadi with Christina Phillips and Suzette Fegan minutes behind. Libby Llop, Wendy Bejarano and Patti Pizzo in the next group. Doug Lietzke, Hernan Barbosa, Steve Rojek, Norma House, Heather Hoyns, Meg SleeperDaryl Downs, Krista Alderdice (on a Crandell horse) and Gene Limlaw (on a Rojek horse) were all in when I left. The ride is very spread out. Jeff Kavy lost a shoe, lost an easy boot and the farrier gave up trying to reshoe him but his is pressing on with an Epic EZ boot! Heading to the barn to ready our 50 mile horses, we travel 20 miles and then pick up the rest of the ride. Weather not as bad as predicted, darn lucky for our Morgan!

John and Sue Greenall

9:00 AM

Five 75 mile riders left at 9AM cheering and waving to the 50's who were having a leisurely morning until they start at 2PM. Jeff Kavy, from Texas, will be the first rider to have ridden the 100, 75 and 50. Jeff keeps his horses in Vermont and rides the several times a year that he can take time off from being an attorney. Jeff has top tenned the 100 four times and the 50 twice! For riding ONE ride a year, that's not a bad record.

John & Sue Greenall

3:50 AM

:50 AM and it the weather gods dumped 5 minutes of rain on 350 runners waiting for the start. Didn't seem to dampen their spirits as at 4AM they cheered as they started their journey over 100 miles of Vermont to the music of Chariots of Fire. Wow. 5AM started 38 100-mile horses who will catch the back of the runners within 5 miles and travel with the run for the rest of the day. Cloudy and humid at 8AM as riders approach the first hold. Over 60 landowners open their land and trails for this event. Many have groomed their trails over the last week just for this event. Great thanks to Green Mountain Horse Associate who stepped in to repair a key trail at the start, the work completed yesterday afternoon! Both riders and runners will be treated to Galaxy Hill, The Sound of Music, and cross the Appalachian trail before Hold #2.

John & Sue Greenall

Ready for the Start

A quick shower lowered the temps after a hot/humid day at camp. The weather did not deter the riders, 38 in the 100 (3 moved up from the 75), 5 in the 75 and 45 in the 50. We will be starting the highest number of runners and riders in the 20 year history of the ride! While tomorrow promises to be another hot day, the humidity will drop from 94% at 5AM to 44% by 2PM. A storm passing north of us took down some big trees over the trail and crews are out now clearing with chainsaws. Dedicated trail crew!! Riders and runners are tucked in and camp is quiet. Thanks to a great staff of vets and dedicated volunteers for all of their work putting on this ride. This 20th anniversary is dedicated to it's volunteers!!!!

John & Sue Greenall


About half of the rigs came in yesterday and last night. At my last camp check at 10PM the moon had just come over the trees and campers were sitting out enjoying a perfect Vermont summer evening. The runners come in today, many of whom sleep in tiny pup tents before running 100 miles. We riders look like a bunch of wimps in our big air conditioned trailers with showers and beds!

Huge thanks to Dinah Rojek for putting together the 20th anniversary Vermont 100 program! The history of the ride and the two spots, an explanation of Vermont Association of Ski and Sports which supplements all handicapped sport activities in Vermont and to whom all proceeds go, a list of all entrants, sponsors and supporters. Great picture of Valery Kanavy on Ramegwa Tomano winning the first Vermont 100 in 1980!

And boy of those anniversary shirts popular! They only go to riders and sponsors and folks are thinking of entering just to get a shirt!

Off to camp, more later.

John & Sue Greenall

  WOO HOO!!! Let's hear if for a Southerner! :-) Lest the name confuse anybody, Farzad is from North Carolina. :-))

I remember the first time I rode with him and we got to know each other a little going down the trail. Turned out he's originally from Iran and moved here in the 80's when things got crazy over there. He is the friendliest, kindest person you'd ever want to meet. Goes on mission trips to South America to help build churches, and just has a very sincere goodness about him that makes everyone like him; *always* smiling and happy.

After getting pulled in his first two attempts at 100's last year he switched to the other horse he'd been riding for years and has now completed 4 100s straight and won the Vermont! See guys, ya gotta keep trying! :-))

Congratulations Farzad. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.


Congratulations to *another* North Carolinian, Stagg Newman for winning the 75 *and* BC, *with* high vet score, on First Csea Lord (Winston). You know somebody has "got it" when they just keep bringing up more successful horses. Congratulations Stagg...I'm sure being first Cavalry at Longstreet's Charge was the trick to bringing him in *just right*. :-)

Angie McGhee
The Lighter Side of Endurance
Work it harder, Make it better, Do it faster, Makes us stronger!

Background on Turtle-Tom

There's more to the story of Tom Noll's turtle story than at first meets the eye.

My husband Dave, a lovely lady named Sally and I had the honor of crewing for Tom during the ride.

Before the ride none of us even knew Tom. I answered a call from Laura Hayes for a crew for VT this year. I know the VT 100 trails having ridden there in training and CTR's inlcuding the fall 100 mile CTR and crewing for my husband who is long distance runner. So, it seemed like a perfect match. It was us and Laura's stocked truck that followed Tom around the trail well into the night.

Especially for people thinking about and wondering about whether they can do a 100, the real story begins with Tom riding a borrowed horse "Sunshine". Sunshine had never done a 100 mile ride. In her 14 years, though, she has seen many of these trails as a guide horse going out almost every day for her owner long time S. Woodstock resident Paul Kendal. Paul told me she'd lead groups on multi-day Inn to Inn rides. And, she also drives which came in handy late into the night when the driving cue "trot" helped her keep going.

Tom, also a 100 mile runner, brought home the day while riding alone except for the runners on trail for almost 70 miles of the 100 mile ride. The only place Sunshine saw another horse was at the holds. By the last hold at mile 88 all the other horses had left and she was completly alone except for Tom and Paul and the vets who cheered Tom on.

On CTR rides the rule I learned was to train and ride for 10 minute miles and you'll get there. That plan always served me well. I'll give you Tom's stats so that newbies can see what it takes. It's really Dave and Tom who are the experts at this. Tom had the hold times mapped out with what time he needed to get where. Amazing concentration over 23:46 hours out on trail.

Tom's stats as I figured them:
19.18 ride time (official)
1198 minutes ride time
11:34 minute miles average
22 hours 46 minutes clock time

1440 minutes over all allowed
- 210 minutes hold time
1230 minutes ride time allowed

Warmly, Dolores www.zenhorsemanship.com