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2008 Vermont 100

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The Vermont 100 and Moonlight 50/75 Endurance Rides

Hundred milers this morning crossing the Taftsville Bridge
Photo by http://www.spectrumphotography.net/


Hold 4 - Mile 69
6:45 AM Sunday:
50 Mile winner is Melody Blittersdorf. Kathy Brunjes got BC. 75 Mile winner is Wendy Bejarano/Meccabey. They got BC. Winner of the 100 is Christine Phillips/Elegant Pride. BC went to Courtney Walker.
7:46 PM:
1st 50 Mile finish is Melody Blittersdorf at 9:21 with a ride time of 5 hours 56 minutes. A lot of runners have finished. The first place woman was 3rd overall. Wow! Any minute for the 1st 100 miler.

7:12 PM:
All but 2 50 miles thru mile 69 (1st hold for the 50's) The 1st 100 mile runner finished @ approx 8pm (they started at 4:00 am). Front runners Christina Philips on Lana Wright's Elegant Pride is heading towards the finish after leaving the last hold. There is also a 75 mile rider not too far behind. So far still only 4 pulls (all 100 milers).
Jo Steele

2:05 PM:
50 Miler's went out at 2:00 and we started around 42. All are looking good. No one on the 75 mile was pulled at the 1st hold, and only 4 100 milers have been pulled through the 2nd hold. All lame, except one RO after he left the hold and worried about Metabolics. Haven't had feedback from the 3rd hold, but should be able to let you know when I get to the 4th.
Jo Steele

It's warm at about 90, but a slight breeze and with plenty of water, the horses and riders seem to be taking the heat in stride. Don't think the humidity is quite as bad as yesterday. That was awful!
Jo Steele

7:34 AM:
100 mile - Elegant Pride with Christina Phillips left the first hold at 19 miles before any other horses had come in. Last horse is Irving McNaugton's Neon being carefully ridden by Susie Reinheimer. It is getting hotter, but a nice breeze is keeping the humidity down. The 75's are just on trail and no pulls have been reported as of yet. Head vet, Dr. Otis Schmitt has a former 100 mile runner as his scribe. Don is getting a lot of attention from his former competitors and Otis has offered to let him run along side his car should he wish for a bit more action. Don, knowing that the day will be long, graciously declined.

Sue Greenall

6:13 AM:
Two huge rainstorms missed camp yesterday although some of the trails in the north got a good dose of rain. While it was nice to stay dry, the humidity was heavy enough to cut with a knife. What happened to Vermont weather???? Not to be disappointed, the front took the moisture with it and a 4 AM, when 293 runners set out on trail, it was actually a bit chilly. 23 hundred mile riders went out at 5 AM and were greeted with fog off the Ottauquechee River which made the climb to The Sound of Music spectacular. 13 seventy five mile riders start at 9AM along with 41 100K runners.
Stay tuned.

Sue Greenall

RESULTS: Moonlight 75 - 7/17/10

1. Wendy Bejarano - Meccabey - 10:34
2. Akerstrom - Tonkakola - 11:33
3. Roxnne Winslow - Nikaem - 12:02
3. Mestemaker - Little Albert - 12:02
5. Nancy Walker - ASA Cameo Rose - 12:13
6. Lisa Delp - Royal Account - 12:43
7. Barbara Kemerer - Ellis Missiah - 12:43.01
8. Diane Connolly - Harmony - 13:53
9. Bryna Stevenson - Whisperstream - 13:53.01

DNS Nancy Sluys - Indigo Blue
L Linda Carangia - Creme Brulee
L Michelle Rice - TEF Lunar


(supporting disabled athletes in various sports)

July 17, 2010

100-75-50 miles

West Windsor, Vermont

Ride Coordinator: Sue Greenall
Ride Manager - John Greenall
Ride Secretary – Jo Steele

The 2010 Vermont 100

is dedicated to Paul Kendall

Horseman extradinaire, competitor, supporter, friend

Please check for up-to-date information, updated July 9, 2010

Cadence Farm Trail Supply

will be on the grounds Thursday through Sunday

providing supplements and equipment for the trail horse and distance riders. We cater to the novice, and possess the experience and knowledge to provide the experts with the services they need.


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