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2009 Fandango Day 3
Images by Merri Melde

2009 Fandango Day 3
Images by Merri Melde
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The Fandango Flagging Begins

Friday May 20

Despite the outbreak of EHV-1, which has cancelled some events around the country, on advice of our head vet, and the fact that the outbreak seems to be pretty well managed, we are planning to go ahead with our 3-day Owyhee Fandango endurance ride next weekend.

Yesterday Judy and I hiked along the Snake River and flagged a portion of the route to Celebration Park, Idaho's only archaeological park. If you're riding the 80 or 100 miler on Sunday, you'll ride here, cross this bridge,

see these old ruins;
you'll see pelicans and cormorants and many other waterfowl, and if you look up at just the right place at the cliffs across from the Park, you'll probably see a golden eagle nest.

Today we flagged the trail to Upper Hart Creek for Day 1's 25 and 50. Mac was a little concerned when a herd of young cows ran up to us (thinking we were bringing them food? Thinking we were food? That's what Mac thought anyway.)

Steph went out on the ATV this afternoon; we have a couple of hikes planned (we could haul the horses, but it's just as easy - and nice - to hike along the Snake River and the Petroglyph boulders - and many more miles by horseback to do.

And of course, the weather will be perfect for everybody during the ride!

[Slide show here]

Merri Melde