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2008 Fandango
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Snake River Trail Magic

Monday May 2 2011

Some days when you're out scouting new trail for the Owyhee Fandango endurance ride, you don't know what you're going to come up with.

But there are some days where it all falls into place.

When you want to get to that old road the other side of that box canyon, you magically find a cow trail that takes you there.

When you climb up and over a hill and see a fence blocking your way, magically there's a gate in front of you and it's already open.

When you're up on the bluffs and you want to head to the river, you magically find a cow trail that takes you directly there.

When you're on a high-up trail and you come to cliffs and you hope your trail doesn't dead end, magically it continues.

When you want to find a ride-able trail down off the Snake River Canyon cliffs, you magically come right to one.

When you want scenery, it magically just doesn't stop.

Today was one of those days magical exploring days.

Merri Melde