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Race Day
Images by John Teeter

HH The President of the United Arab Emirates Endurance Cup
Feb 16 2008
Emirates International Endurance Village
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Results: Start List || Gate 1 || Gate 2 || Gate 3 || Gate 4 || Gate 5 || Finish || Eliminations
Photo Galleries

HH Sh Hamdan bin Mohamed al Maktoum riding Kaysand Farrazah
Mohammed Ali Al Subose riding Kevin De Narthoux at the finish line
16:52:29HH Sh Hamdan bin Mohamed Al MaktoumKaysand Farrazah
26:52:30Mohammed Ali Al SuboseKevin de Narthoux
36:57:24Mohammed Rashed Saeed Khamis Al SubosiGeno II

Malaysia's King, HM Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin finished with a ride time of 10:26 to be the first Malaysian to fully qualify for the 2008 World Endurance Championship!

Kathy Brunjes' Views
Kathy's Arrivals || Checking In || Watching the Ladies Run || Juniors, a Party and ... Lost
Into the Fog || The Lay of the Land || Two Days to Go
Friday in Abu Dhabi || Vet-In and Ride Time || A Retrospective
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First Special Needs Willpower Horse Race
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Photo Gallery

First loop
Images by Steph Teeter

Loops 3,4,5, Finish
Images by Steph Teeter

Loop 2 - gallops
Images by Steph Teeter

Loop 2 - more gallops
Images by Steph Teeter

Following Madiya
Images by Michelle Mattingly

A View of the Race
Images by John Teeter

Trot Out
Images by John & Steph

The Presidents Cup
Muara Liviana

The President's Cup(1)
Images by IronHorse

The President's Cup(2)
Images by Ironhorse

US Team Review
Images by Kathy Brunjes

Willpower Race
Images by Steph Teeter

Kathy's Arrivals
Images by Kathy Brunjes

An Evening of Flat Track

Images by Adib