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Two Days to Go

Hi everyone

another good day past and now we are just 2 days from Race Day. Happy Valentine's Day! Tom just gave me chocolates...

It is 6:30 am here ....we will head out to the venue and do some more clipping and touch-ups on the horses, gather all our gear together in one place and get our crews familiar with what are "stuff" is....and do some more bottle/water handoffs. Becky wants the crews to go out and drive some more of the course. Kate and Tom drove yesterday to get used to the sand and driving at speed in the sand. Then my Patrol 4WD overheated and was spewing antifreeze all over the parking lot outside our stables. All the guys (Justin, Tom, John) are peering under the hood trying to see if anything was really wrong...and decided that it was ok. Hmmmm

Yesterday after we rode and cleaned the stalls, hand walked the horses and then turned them out for the day, we headed back to the hotel to have lunch (yesterday was Asian day for meal...interesting mix of foods - I had my usual salad and fruit) and meet with Pam Burton, who had gotten us an invitation to tour the Wrsan stables. We spent the whole afternoon viewing their stallions, mares, yearlings and 2-year olds, the flat-track Arabs and then we got to see some of the endurance horses (perhaps the ones that will race on Saturday) as they rode my us heading to the track to breeze their horses. We met with the whole facilities' equine nutritionist who talked a little about their feeding program for the race horses and the endurance horses. Very interesting afternoon and we just didn't realize what a big deal this was to get to actually tour the whole place until we got back to the hotel, when we were informed that hardly anyone gets to go there (from the outside).

After the tour of Wrsan, the riders separated from the crews and we (riders) went back to the hotel to get a nap and the crews went out to the stables to walk the horses and feed up for the night. It was a fairly quiet day - no big shopping sprees - we have yet to get to a tack shop, and time is fast running out on us.

Quiet night last night - sitting on the patio of the hotel overlooking the pool, eating supper and talking. Early night for a change.

Temps are all normal on the horses, and they are eating very well. Our hay qualitiy is excellent, and they have found us some ok alfalfa to supplement our hay. Steve brought a primo bale of alfalfa which we are keeping for race day. The Equestrian Club vet will give our Legend today for us.

I'll email tonight after we have had our Valentine's dinner here at the hotel...they are doing up something special - I think it's bbq out on the patio - with lights and free bottles of wine...woohoo! since this is a Muslim/Islamic country and alcoholic beverages are scarce, this is a big deal.