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2006 Young Riders President's Cup

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Images by Steph Teeter

Saturday pm in UAE

Busy, full day today...we got our ride in and also made it to Pam Burton's (and her husband, Steve) - boat ride (big boat....24ft), celebrated John Teeter's birthday and Becky's birthday - and still it's early here (10pm)

we rode at 2pm and did a nice walk/trot - followed blue flags out of the compound into the desert, on really nice footing ...even had a little hill thrown in on the track. Rode about an hour - only problem I had was when we turned around to come home, and Theatric took off like a shot out of a cannon....took a little to get him back to a walk! I need to ride the bejesus out of him tomorrow (in the words of my mother) - he just has too much energy right now. Hosed him off at the end, settled the boys down for the night, and off we went to visit with Pam and Steve Burton. Steph and John were there - nice cake to celebrate birthdays.

On the way home from the Burtons' we missed a turn back to Mafraq and ended up going around back streets, actually the same missed turn we made last night and after we passed the same sign three times, we all started laughing that it was like Chevy Chase's Vacation movie when they passed Big Ben 50 times going around the turn-about. Steve kept saying, and "there's Big Ben on the right...." - you had to be there, but trust me, it was really funny. We got on one street and John said how long should we follow it? I said until we ran out of road...and sure enough, around the next turn we ran out of road - so John jumped the curb with my 4WD, and off we went through the sand to find a way back to the road! It really was funny.

we have found a short-cut to the stables, and it only takes us 15 minutes now to get there

we have Dr. Andrews coming out at 8am tomorrow morning to draw blood on the horses.....he didn't make it today (he was one of the Vets at the Junior/Young Riders' races today).

Tomorrow is busy - we have crew to pick up at various times. We just found out that the hotel has a shuttle, but only if you ask for it (it doesn't just go out automatically) so that will take some of the pressure off us when picking up at 4 different times tomorrow! We hope to ride right after the blood is drawn, then we are going to try to squeeze in a visit to the flat track to see some races in-between crews arriving. I want to ride at least 2 hours tomorrow morning.

Thinking of all of you....and making a list of what to pickup/bring back to the US....saffron, cardamon, camel blankets, some gold (dah) and ???? any requests out there???

Look for photos on RideCamp...Steph downloaded the pictures I've taken so far for you all to view.