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Race Day
Images by John Teeter

Vet-in and Ride Time

Hi everyone

well, the hardest part of the whole thing is over...we are all vetted in, and ready to roll tomorrow morning...everyone is meeting in the lobby at 4:00 am and riding over to the stables....the horses looked terrific and Theatric was, well, Theatric . Although he wasn't as bad as he was in Malaysia with the loud speakers and the flags and banners, he still did a little airs above the ground which caused the whole venue to ooh and aahhh...I threw the chain over his nose and off we went...he was absolutely perfect during the vet-in and trot-out, it was standing around waiting for the other horses that put him in motion.

Hot hot hot today...in the high 90s...predicted to be the same tomorrow - although we did have a nice breeze to stir the hot air around. We bathed and walked horses, took naps and then did the official vetting....we are all set up in our crew box and the crews went off to the venue for tonight's party (a traditional Arab camp with camels, falcons, music and a buffet with traditional food) - John and I are staying behind to go to sleep early, and Steve did go with Justin back out to the venue to participate in the gala. I'm just too tired and hot to even think about it. |Ride time is 6:00 am - so at least we'll have the first loop in the mild temps....

so, wish us luck and go visit the www.endurance.net website to see my photos and Steph's photos...