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Re: [RC] ginger for horses? - Lynne Glazer

Hi, Kathy,

I was not very clear in my post. The *Karadjorge/Remington Steele*++ horses came from the "factory" with that tail flagging behavior. Their ad was to emphasize that if you wanted that, you can breed for it, don't torture your horse to get it. That was the daring-part, as show horse folks.

My Remington Steele kids only flag their tail when excited or as you say, moving out at faster gaits. Once past baby-age, the Rem grandkids by the Lipizzan stallion don't flag their tails at all, parallel to the ground is all they do. That will be good if they ever do show in dressage, they are hard-wired for the moves but with the propensity of today's judges to reward overbent, behind the bit, hock trailin' horses, we won't be going there.


On Feb 13, 2009, at 11:23 AM, Kathy Mayeda wrote:

You have to be careful about accusing of ginger use.  There are horses
that travel with their tail flagged naturally. Beau is pretty much
flagged all the time at a trot or canter.  He would flunk a dressage
test because of this, though.  (After reading the post maybe that's
what you're posting about anyway...)

I would be suspicious of a horse standing with a flagged tail though!
Maybe this is what they were looking at?


On Fri, Feb 13, 2009 at 11:16 AM, Lynne Glazer <lynne.glazer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Uh, that would be "Schneiders".
One year, Patti Bailey (Remington Steele) and I think Sherrie Lacey took out
a double page ad in Arabian Horse world featuring one of their Arabians
whose tail was flagged, and the headline was "Natural Ginger", decrying the
mistreatment. It was daring, in its day. Probably 10 years ago.
As a photographer, I must speculate that some people might use ginger for
use in sale photo sessions or showing horses for sale. I don't get a lot of
show horse business, maybe because my attitude about the excessive clipping
and handler mistreatment is well known. Can only hope that this breed gets
back to its roots as a versatile "using" horse, they have so much natural
ability and flair.
Keep on posting, Rusty.


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