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Re: [RC] re: awards - rides2far@xxxxxxxx

Top Ten blankets for the BH 100, my XP Jackets from 01 and 04.  BTW, the 
awards at Longstreet's Charge this year were amazing.  I was impressed.

OK, I typed out a long response to this post yesterday but never saw it on RC. 
Since I appear to be one of the few who'll admit they like good awards, i 
wanted to respond. I guess you can tell since I gave lots of nice awards that I 
think it's a good thing. My ride had top 10 coolers for 50 miles, a cooler for 
first cavalry, supposed to have had one for first junior but printer screwed 
up. (fortunately she was also top 10) and a nice rain sheet for BC & 1st place.

25 milers got top 10 hay bags & a rain sheet for BC. 1st junior 25 got a 
biothane bridle with an engraved tag.  Also had high vet score, and some other 
stuff.  Entry fee was $80 for 50 and $70 for 25, and only had 67 entries so 
didn't have nearly the "entries over the break even" level some have. 

Completion award was a T-shirt printed front and back.  I do like giving 
awards. I feel like I have a tough course and people should be proud of 
themselves for accepting a challenge and conquering it. I want them to show off 
those blankets at other rides to show what they did.  Yes, I had good vets and 
it was well marked. I feel I covered the bases there. I don't pay for food or 
entertainment. I shopped hard and got good deals on the awards. I hope I can do 
it again this year if I can find the specials again.

Karen says she likes useful things, I would figure with her going to a ride 
practically every week of her life those would have filled up her house and 
barn lot and spilled out into the public road so I'd just want to say, "give me 
what it would have cost you". I used to love getting buckets and crew bags but 
now when my zippers are breaking on the bags and stuff wears out I'll admit I'm 
enjoying the mugs, buttons, patches & buckles that stay the same on my trophy 
bookshelf. I have two vinyl monogrammed squares that I cut off of what was left 
of old worn out crew bags that tell what I won them for. I'm going to nail them 
on the barn wall or something, so I even like my crew bags after they die. I 
love awards! :-)

I enjoy the variety of completion awards so say to the managers, "Surprise 
me".I had a sample sized bottle of Lexol Joe Long gave me for my first top 10 
sitting in my trophy case for years.

My pet peeve is an extremely expensive ride entry with very low quality awards. 
If the whole ride looks "No Frills" OK, but if you *only* skimped on awards I 
think it shows a lack of respect for the accomplishment. I try to imagine 
someone only winning one ride in their life and hope I give them something they 
can be proud of.

Pet peeve #2 Giving out T-shirts before the ride. That's not a completion 
award. That's a part of your rider packet. I got it for entering the ride so I 
feel like I just bought it.

Angie McGhee

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