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RE: [RC] awards - Ruth Maher

1.  Do awards make a difference as to whether you'd go to a ride or
not?  If so, what's the minimum type of award that makes the difference?  I don't even look at the awards. I'm not a top 10 rider at the moment, but even if I were, it would probably be cheaper to just buy my own monogrammed rump rug and skip the entry and travel costs. :)

2.  Rides used to give out buckles for awards, but don't any
more.  Is it because they're too expensive and add a cost to the ride
that riders won't bear?  Or is it because riders don't care about buckles?  I don't wear buckles, and I don't like clutter, so displaying them wouldn't entice me.

3.  What about T-shirts?  Jackets?  I love getting the ride shirts. They are pretty much the only thing I wear when I work with horses anymore. It keeps my regular clothes a lot nicer! Jackets are OK, especially hoodies and sweatshirts.

4.  What's the best completion or other award you've ever
gotten?  And would you want to always be able to get an award like that?  I think the points are the best award for a win. Everything else is just a fun bonus. I don't know what I'd call the single best award, but I like getting things I can use— stuff like leg wraps, buckets and gift certificates.

5.  What's the lousiest completion award you've ever gotten?  And if
you feel it was lousy, why?  Certificate of completion. Not that it was lousy—it was nicely done and all that—but it just didn't mean anything to me. The RM could've saved the $10 or whatever the pack of certificates cost and it wouldn't have made any difference in my experience.

6.  What's your recommendation for a perfect completion award?  One thing I haven't seen yet, but would love: socks. Good tall socks for riding are hard to find. It would be neat to get a set with a ride name screen printed on them.

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[RC] awards, Jean Miller