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Re: [RC] Regarding the Mongol Derby - Kat/Terry/FEI Position - Beverley H. Kane, MD

I agree with Kat that the vitriol shown by some of the disloyal opposition
is a sign of envy. More specifically it reeks of ³NIHism²--Not Invented
Here. Whatever one thinks of the Mongol Derby, the pissy, petty
unprofessional, unsportsmanlike diatribes issued by the Long Riders Guild
are guaranteed to have the effect of provocation, not the protection of the
horses by which they purport to be motivated.
  Face it, the Adventurists will gain more PR w/ this event than the LRG
has ever enjoyed. The LRG consider themselves the most daring, the most
enduring of the distance riders. Now they've been upstaged.

Not to get too psychological, but there is a lot of Dark Shadow Projection
going on here. I teach the dynamics of projection to medical students and
doctors at Stanford--employing horses! (Medicine and Horsemanship--
Projection monograph available on request). The telltale sign is the huge
emotional outlay that goes with an "objective" observation. Yes, objectively
the Adventurists are taking a (well?)-calculated risk. One can articulate
concerns in a constructive way, rationally discussing the facts. Or one(s)
can hop up and down w/ their panties in a twist like the LRG, who this
morning issued an absolutely screeching, sanctimonious, xenophobic, and
shameful last gasp against the FEI and the UAE. It starts out, "It's
official. The sport of endurance racing has been sold to the Arabs" and the
rant only gets more infantile as it goes on.

The official position of the FEI is as stated below. I believe that is the
exact correct position to have: if you can't support the event, at least
support the horses. (Based on what Jay Randle wrote about Katy and based on
my personal communications w/ representatives of the company, Barefoot
Saddles seems to be essentially doing the same.)

"Dear CuChullaine,

I refer to my email of the 22nd July 2009 and as promised I can now provide
you with a further update.

I confirm that the FEI's position remains unchanged and the FEI does not
'support the event' but is supportive of any actions that might be taken to
support the welfare of those horses that may be involved with this
particular event.

The FEI's position is as follows:

The FEI confirms  that we have held a meeting with the organising company of
the Mongol Derby to obtain specific detailed information, at the request of
the UAE, with regard to the horses being used and the equine  support being
provided for the event from within Mongolia.

That information has now been passed to the UAE who have expressed the wish
to provide elite level Veterinary Support, both in terms of equipment and
experienced personnel, to the organisers through the Mongolian Government
both pre, during and post event.

As confirmed already by  the FEI , the Mongol Derby is not an FEI recognised
event and does not come under the remit or control of the FEI as the
Governing body for International Equestrian sport.

The FEI continues to work with organisations towards achieving the highest
welfare support for all horses.'

Kind Regards,


Ian Williams
Non-Olympic Sports
Fédération Equestre Internationale
Av de Rumine 37
1005 Lausanne
t +41 21 310 47 47
f +41 21 310 47 60
e Ian.williams@xxxxxxx

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RE: [RC] Regarding the Mongol Derby - K. Riordan, Terry Banister