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Re: [RC] Water trough mosquito dunks - Rosalie Marley

Thanks, Ed. 
I know we try to balance Ca and Mg, but wasn't sure if the amount in a cement 
block would be enough to worry about.  I have read in Ridecamp about problems 
when water has too much iron, so I wasn't sure how other minerals (in excess 
amounts) would affect the water quality for horses.

Rosalie Marley
I have the ability of single-minded determination and focu... Hey, look! A 

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"...calcium would leach out of the limestone ..."

Absolutely correct.  The amount depends upon the time and the pH (acidity
alkalinity) of the water.  The amounts are not nutritionally significant,
and Calcium is required for life.  Calcium and Magnesium are the minerals
that are naturally present in most water supplies.  They make the water
"hard".  Not considered a public health problem.  If you soften the water
using ion exchange (an ordinary water softener) you replace them with
If the water was very hard and you are on a Na+ restricted diet (like I
it is recommended that you do not drink the softened water.

As an aside, if the pH of water is low, it will etch concrete enough to
be a
structural problem in dams and bridge supports.  The BCLRA (an
that stores melted snow for my August irrigation), just spent $40,000 to
coat its rather small dam with epoxy to stop the etching.

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Re: [RC] Water trough mosquito dunks, Lif Strand