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Re: [RC] Snakes - Elizabeth Walker

OK - my snake story:

I had just bought Caisson about 2 months prior, so we were very much still getting to know each other.  I was at a Poker Ride (up at Terry Woolley-Howes'), and was the first one out on the trail.  We had just started out, Caisson was happily trotting out on a fairly wide trail, and I noticed we were following bike tracks ..... umm maybe not....  The track was smack down the middle of the trail and a curve was coming up ... better slow down... no, better walk, slowly.  

We inched around the curve, and there on the other side was the biggest rattler I've ever seen - right smack in the middle of the trail about 6 feet from us.  He wasn't going to move, either.  As we came around, he started rattling, and Caisson did an abrupt 180.  He was getting out of there!  

Long story short, as other riders came up, they had to stop, and we eventually had to throw rocks (little ones, then big ones, then bigger ones) to get the snake to move far enough off the trail so that we could go on.  He finally got mad and moved off, rattling all the way to show how pissed off he was.

On Jan 14, 2009, at 9:38 AM, Born Country wrote:

Snake story - ...

Esther and Chagalle, who pretty much ignores snakes
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