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Re: [RC] Snakes - Barbara McCrary

Many years ago when our daughters were quite young and we all rode together, we had just crossed a creek and put the horses into a brisk trot.  Every one of the horses, one after another, trotted right over the top of a rattlesnake, and we were moving so fast we couldn't really stop.  The snake was coiling and uncoiling trying to do something to protect himself.  He finally gave up and beat it for the brush as fast as he could slither.
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From: Far Rider
Sent: Wednesday, January 14, 2009 9:15 AM
Subject: [RC] Snakes

I have a couple of snake stories. One time while riding there was a small black snake in the road not moving. I stopped to see if it was alive. I nudged my horse closer to get a better look and he stepped right on the head of the snake. It's body curled all over the place and Sawyer just stood there as if nothing had happened. Then another time a 4 foot black snake was crossing the trail as we trotted along and Sawyer stepped right on him as we were passing over. Again he was oblivious to the snake. I don't know if he never saw these snakes (or felt them) or just didn't care. Just weird.

[RC] Snakes, Far Rider