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Re: [RC] When does a newbie cease being a newbie? - Truman Prevatt

It depends on the person. The Baltimore Ravens QB came right out of college - and not a big name football college at that - stepped into the starting job and now has led his team to the division championship game. While he is a rookie - it is in name only. Some QB's come out of big name football colleges and never learn to read a defense in the pros and are "forever newbes" ;-) .

So I think it is based more on the judgement and horsemanship skills of the rider than a fixed time. There was a rider in the SE who picked did a few endurance rides. He was an experienced eventer and a good horseman. After talking with people he did quite well on his first rides. I'd not call him a newbe although he was new to the sport. On the other hand I know some riders that have been at it for years, have gone through numerous horses and still don't have a clue.


Beth Leggieri wrote:
Now here's a question that should provoke some thought. At what point does a newbie cross over? This would seem to follow the thought line about the "forever green" horse -- started and is technically under saddle but not a seasoned campaigner and never will be due to lack of exposure or failure to process experiences, etc. (I confess I will always "feel" like a newbie because the more I learn, the more I realize how much I have to learn. Having been tested at every level--emotionally, mentally, and physically--Endurance is the ultimate challenge.)
So . . . at what point does the transition occur? After the first 10 recorded rides? After the first 50? After the first 100? After the heartbreak of losing your seasoned horse and starting over with another one? After the first pull, regrouping, and trying again on another day?
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[RC] When does a newbie cease being a newbie?, Beth Leggieri