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Re: [RC] Log book -- What do you record? - Truman Prevatt


I think you might find that the utility of the type of record keeping below varies depending on a lot of factors. The big one as I see it is the experience level of a horse and the experience level of the horse rider team. For example for a new rider riding and/or a new horse they are very helpful. As the same rider gets more experience on the same horse - you develop a sense based somewhat on what you learn by keeping logs and the need or utility of such records decrease.

For a rider with 4000 mile that has been riding the same horse for over 10 years and over 2000 miles - there is little need for keeping conditioning records. For the same rider starting a brand new young horse - keeping records would be quite helpful. However, keeping the correct records is also important. When I keep such records, I do it for a "standard conditioning ride." I pick a course. I ride the course at the same time. I don't vary the course and I record the ride time, recovery times, ambient conditions, any other relevant information. While some of the new GPS/HRM based tools are nice, they will not replace a fixed same course on the ground with fixed and same footing at the same time and measure the time on a watch. That removes a lot of variables and allows you to better estimate the improvement or detect problems early.

As far as recording, I simply use a notebook and jot down the date, time, ambient conditions, recovery and comments right after I ride.


Beth Leggieri wrote:
Because private replies to my question about "log book adoption" were so helpful, I'm posting a follow-up in hopes of generating further suggestions from which others will benefit. Posting public replies would be most helpful. Thank you!
What data do you record on "conditioning" rides? How do you maintain your spreadsheet? How do you use the data you record?
What other sorts of records do you maintain for your horse?
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