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Re: [RC] Biting horse - Born Country

My son's horse was a back-biter.  Turn your back and WHAM!  I told my son the next time the horse bit, turn around and bite him back.  The horse bit, my son grabbed a handful of lip and bit as hard as he could.  Horse never bit (or even thought about biting) again.

Esther and Chagalle, who only bites carrots and apples
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From: "Marinera@xxxxxxx" <Marinera@xxxxxxx>
To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Monday, June 15, 2009 6:55:46 PM
Subject: [RC] Biting horse

I am having a problem with a horse that has bitten people several times when they are standing  near her with their backs turned and she is tied. She means business because her ears are back. I want to wallop her in the face, but know I should not.   By the time you can get her untied and jerked around as punishment, the time frame for punishment has about run out. I would like to hear from anyone with similar past experiences.  Thanks,  Julie Suhr

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[RC] Biting horse, Marinera