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Re: [RC] re: what's wrong with square one? - Kathy Mayeda

I've been a lackadaisacle LD rider lately for many reasons, but if I
do have a conversation with someone about the rides I do I like to
spend a little time and explain to them the difference between LD and

It kinda irks me when people want to promote a "champion LD" stallion,
etc. because it doesn't really prove a thing except that the rider
likes going to a lot of LD rides.

It also irked me when people tell me that another person is an
"endurance rider" when I moved to a new boarding facility.  I say
goodie, I have someone to train with.  Then I find out that this
person doesn't like to trot, her horse doesn't cross little streams
without a lot of drama, and she just generally pokes around and did an
occasional LD after she bragged about doing "endurance".   Nothing
wrong with poking around and doing LD rides - that's what I've been
doing the past few years - but sheesh.... my expectations of doing any
real conditioning rides with her were sure squashed.

Then I tell non-endurance people I have 935 AERC miles, and their eyes
get big and they get all impressed!  Hahahaha.... I'm still the
endurance newbie in our town I tell them.

LD is what it is, and I'm happy to ride it occasionally - mostly
because non-endurance friends want to check out endurance riding.  I
do have some great memories of doing a few multi-days with Beau and
catch riding on a fast little bay mare!  (I know you're reading this
TC.)  Hopefully I'll be out doing all that again soon with Drako.



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