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Re: [RC] Pony Club ENDURANCE riding???? - Diane Trefethen

Steph Teeter wrote:
... few make the distinction between 'endurance' and 'not endurance' based upon the number of miles that any given event offers. It's more typically sorted out by 'ultra' or 'training level' or 'novice'. But it's generally the same sport name.

I personally feel that we could gain a lot by removing the distinction from our vocabulary in the general sense, and then using it (the distinction) sparingly in the more specific sense. (e.g. calling LD 'training level' or 'introductory' level divisions of equestrian endurance).


That won't work. 25 miles USED to be called a Novice Ride but some experienced riders resented being called "novice" or "introductory", ie, beginner. In fact, that's why we HAVE "LD". It didn't bother the new riders or those on green horses but it sure pissed off SOME of those who wanted to make a career out of short rides.

The young lady in the British Pony Club wrote from a different perspective than that which exists here. Note that she did not call what she does "Endurance". She called it "endurance". The only times "Endurance" appears in her article are when the word "endurance" is used to start a sentence. In Great Britain, as in most of the rest of the world, "endurance" is divided into levels based on and named by the distances covered. Here, under the auspices of AERC, "Endurance" IS a division. AERC may eventually have to relinquish its current division names "Endurance", "Limited Distance" and "Fun Ride" in favour of the approach taken by the rest of the world. That is going to be a hard pill to swallow since this sport started here and many feel WE should dictate how it is done (labeled), not those who followed. Nevertheless, the change will probably have to be made, unless we wish to follow the political Isolationism popular in the US through the early 1940s and just ignore the rest of the world.

In the meanwhile, the safest course is to simply acknowledge both usages: "endurance" is the sport of distance riding and "Endurance" is that division of AERC distance riding which traverses 50-100 miles. This wouldn't be a new thing. Brand names are often "genericized" in this way. A "kleenex" is any facial tissue and a "Kleenex" is a facial tissue made by Kimberly-Clark. Think also of xerox, band-aid, scotch tape, aspirin, etc.


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