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Re: [RC] Pony Club ENDURANCE riding???? - Barbara McCrary

My first reaction to Steph's message was the same as Diane's reaction, only Diane beat me to it. I seem to recall that same negative reaction from riders to having rides shorter than 50 miles named "novice" or "introductory." Many folks simply will not accept shorter rides as being less than "endurance."
I haven't punished my body with any great distances for several years, but I still feel that 25 miles is just a nice training distance. It may hurt my body, but that doesn't change the concept for younger or more able riders than I. Looking back 25 years ago, we used to go off for a 25-30 mile ride on a weekend just for fun and conditioning.
The term "novice" or "introductory" will certainly create a terrible uproar. When the first shorter rides were held along with the 50s, we called them mini-rides.


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I personally feel that we could gain a lot by removing the distinction from our vocabulary in the general sense, and then using it (the distinction) sparingly in the more specific sense. (e.g. calling LD 'training level' or 'introductory' level divisions of equestrian endurance).


That won't work. 25 miles USED to be called a Novice Ride but some experienced riders resented being called "novice" or "introductory", ie, beginner. In fact, that's why we HAVE "LD". It didn't bother the new riders or those on green horses but it sure pissed off SOME of those who wanted to make a career out of short rides.


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