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[RC] Hmmm FITS?? - Chrystal Woodhouse

O.k. my horse could not start the 100 Sunday at FITS so I ended up being pit crew not riding however this what I thought about the whole experience........WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)
There was an awesome Texan lady who drove around all day  giving out ice cream, fruit smoothies ,french toast and cool whip in the a.m., quesadillas, spaghetti for dinner oh my gosh it was amazing and for everyone, she would just drive around and yell what she had and give it to whoever went to the truck!!!!:-) The t-shirts for completions of all the rides were gorgeous... embroidered and bright colours. With awesome prizes.There was water, food, they emptied the porta potties for goodness sakes!!!!! :-) :-)  ( The ultimate in luxury as far as I am concerned.:-) )

I think  people get a vet who is "thorough" and start screaming about how that is unfair,( in the case of the previous post re:FITS.. blaming FEI )  if my horse cannot pass with ANY vet I worry, not about whether the vet is too "strict" but about my horse!!!!!!!! Timing??? Well I did the OD last year and you have 24 hours to complete they don't say " 24 hours-ish", (I know this very well as I was racing that clock for the last bit knowing that 24 hrs and 5 minutes was still 5 minutes toooooooo late.:-( ) The OD is all AERC not a whiff of FEI happening there. :-) ;-)   So what does that mean ...." FITS was" FEI like" in timing down to the second??" AERC has timing rules just like FEI and you have to compete within  time to get a completion/award etc...... it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out!!!

I am sooo not an FEI rider, however I am grateful that FEI has provided RC with an opportunity to leave the dogs/guns in camp/  ld vs endurance etc......posts and attack something else for awhile. :-)  <Grin>
I am not sure why FEI has become such a problem for people, there is a CHOICE!!! No one is forced to ride it, I don't think I ever will, too much $ for too little return as far as I am concerned ...I do not have to prove that I am **good** to anyone,,,, I already know I am.:-) :-) :-)So you don't like the rules/cost  do not ride it.
 You think joint FEI/AERC rides are FEI like, pick another ride .

If I saw AERC becoming like FEI I would worry, however as I see it..an organization that cannot even get all of its members to agree to wear helmets,who bring guns to camp and who think emptying porta potties on day three of a ride is the ultimate in luxury probably doesn't have much to worry about.:-) :-) :-)