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Re: [RC] Different Sports - Truman Prevatt

I guess I really don't care if European riders get upset with the FEI rides in the UAE or not. In reality it won't matter much since the UAE is footing the bill for the FEI in endurance and the golden rule applies - he who supplies the gold makes the rules. The only thing I care about is the AERC distances itself as fast and as far as they can from the travesty that is FEI endurance. I see no distinction of any of it since the UAE is in reality calling the shots - see the golden rule again.

The AERC members don't need to worry themselves with rules to differentiate "ride from race" since it hasn't been much of an issue until this travesty called FEI funded by the UAE came into being. AERC riding is doing fine. If the Europeans want to fight the battle because they need the FEI I wish them well. The AERC really has no dog in this fight.

The best thing the AERC can do IMO is pull the plug, abolish AERC I (its accomplished it's reason for existence) and cut all ties with USEF. If a group of US riders want to participate - more power to them - that's why the USEF is there.


Beth Walker wrote:
Actually, I **should** be able to compare endurance races in Europe with those in Austrailia, UAE, whereever, if all the events are conducted under the FEI umbrella. When the conduct of an event in one country is so different as to look like something else entirely, it says (to me ) that the governing body is not doing its job.

IMO, the European FEI members should be the ones getting upset about what is happening in the UAE races such as what Steph described. Any outsider who hears such a description **is** going to assume a similarity with FEI endurance races in other countries.

On Feb 13, 2008, at 11:14 AM, <Leonard.Liesens@xxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:Leonard.Liesens@xxxxxxxxxxxx>> <Leonard.Liesens@xxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:Leonard.Liesens@xxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

Please allow me just a comment. Every time I hear US folk talking (badly :-) ) about FEI rides, it comes after one event in the UAE. You can not compare races in the UAE with races in Europe!!!


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