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Re: [RC] Wussification of endurance - Karen Bohn

While a LQ trailer is nice, it isn't a necessity.  When I bought my last trailer, it was a 2-horse gooseneck with a large dressing room which was insulated and paneled.  Totally empty.  I had a mattress up on the gooseneck, added a table, some folding chairs, some storage cabinets (from wal-mart or costco), used a camp stove for cooking, port-o-potty in the horse box, and a Mr. Heater if it got really cold.  It was certainly much more comfortable and protected than a tent.  Once the trailer was paid for, I had full living quarters put in.  Now its REALLY comfortable, but I managed quite nicely without for a few years.  Call me a wuss, but now that I'm in my 60's, a little comfort is appreciated.
Before the gooseneck, I hauled bumper pulls for years with a van.  The van was great for camping in.  I could set up a cot inside and be quite comfortable.  It was a cargo van with only two front seats - the rest empty except for all the junk I carried around.  It also worked great for dog showing.
I looked at the campers you put in the bed of your truck, but I'd have to take it out after every ride and it seemed like too much effort.

Karen Bohn
Spotsylvania, VA
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Sent: Saturday, October 11, 2008 12:10 PM
Subject: Re: [RC] Wussification of endurance

I agree with much of what you're saying, Jonni, even though this is my first year of endurance, and I don't have a long personal history of the sport, I can compare with only what I've read.  I'm very fortunate to live where I do, where most of the rides are in areas where you can do one 50 mile loop, or two loops, rather than a series of small loops coming back into camp.  One thing that I really don't like is having a lot of vet holds.  I prefer having one vet hold (like the Duck has for his rides).  I have never had a crew, so when the vet hold is in camp that's convenient for me, but I sure don't bask in AC, I'm usually in a tent or in the back of my Bronco, not exactly "wussified" camping for me. <G>  No showers, either.  Have to confess, I would love a hot shower after a few days... !  Baby wipes and wet paper towels just aren't the same.
I just got back from the Grand Canyon XP, I finished Day 1 and Day 2, and regretfully left to come home yesterday morning.  The change in the weather was a big factor for me, because I was in a tent.  The wind literally whipped that tent all night Thursday night.  Exhausting.  I have to say, I REALLY wish I had a LQ trailer or at least a camper, because trying to sleep in a tent with high winds whipping it all night - well, it's impossible.  Yesterday morning, with a raging headache and aching body (I felt like I had the flu!), I knew there was no way I could ride another 50 miles.  I did finish two days and I'm just sick that I couldn't keep going.  But I knew it was too much for me, and didn't want to punish my horse by riding like a sack of potatos on his back! 
In short, some "improvements" like LQ trailers and meals cooked for the riders in camp are GREAT.  Annie always has lunch on the trail for everyone, and has a hot meal after the ride, every night.  On a multi-day, that's so wonderful.  Coming in late, like I do <G>, I really appreciate having a ready-made dinner.  I'd probably go to bed hungry if I had to fix something.
The Grand Canyon XP trails are gorgeous, and I fully intend to return next year.  I'm so proud of my horse, Khid, in his and my first year of endurance, we're up to 610 miles now - 300 of those miles are from the Duck's rides.  If I could, I'd go to all of his rides, that's another one of my goals, to be a Gold XP Rider.  I just need a camper for my truck!  <G>
Carla Richardson

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