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Re: [RC] buying hay--a cautionary tale - Karen Sullivan

If you buy by the ton, they need to present a weight slip signed by a certified weighmaster, period.  I think this is a law in California, and I also seem to remember that they are only allowed to have one bad or mouldy bale out of a ton! That is why many hay sellers only sell by the bale (bale price), because they don't have access to a scale, or don't want to be bothered with it.
One guy I buy from sells by the ton....but he gives us an approximate bale cost; the final cost per bale is based on the weight of the load divided by number of bales, etc.  It usually comes pretty close to what he originally estimates, but if 5 friends buy hay from him, the COST per bale might be slightly different; we all pay the same ton price.
If they are dealing in "tons", they needed to give you a weigh slip.  You are also paying a pretty darn high price!!! 
Yes, even if you pay cash, get a receipt.
I would send him a letter or email if you have another way to contact him, and present your case.  I also suggest you run your scenario by your local ag. commissioner office and see what they say....

On 10/10/08, desertrydr1@xxxxxxx <desertrydr1@xxxxxxx> wrote:
I'd like to get some opinions, because maybe I am too close to the situation.  What would you think if you called someone about hay, and told them you needed 10 ton.  Even discussed how much would fit on their trailer, and they said 5 ton, so they would need to bring 2 trailer loads.  They told you it would be about $270.-$275. a ton delivered, and you said okay, bring me 10 ton of your hay.  Then they said it would be $13. a bale, and they were bringing you 200 bales.  Would you think, like I did, that the bales weighed about 100 lbs.?  Because after all, I was very specific about needing 10 ton of hay. 

Then when it got delivered, it looked like really nice hay, and they were kind of in a hurry to get going, so you paid them cash ($2600.) and they took off.  Then when you (a 56 yr old woman who weighs 145 lbs) picked up a bale it seemed really light.  So you took some and wieghed 3 random bales, purposely not weighing the first small bale you picked up, but trying to find some that looked like they were among the bigger bales.  And finding out that the bales weighed between 70, 75 and 85 lbs.  The guy said he weighed some bails and they averaged 90 lbs.  Which is still a 22 bale ton. 

Would you feel ripped off?  Since you specifically asked for 10 ton, not a certain number of bales?  At $13. a bale, with an average weight of (generously) 80 lbs, that works out to $325 a ton. which is $50 more a ton than the guy originally quoted.  I called him and he told me I could come out and pick up 20 more bales for free.  I figure he owes me 50 bales.  I don't know how to get a satisfactory resolution, in part because I've already lost my temper with the guy.  The last thing he said before hanging up on me was either come get 20 bales or shut up.  I have nothing to haul with. 

My son generously offered to burn down the guy's house.  I strongly discouraged such an illegal act, but the thought did occur to me that sometimes hay spontaneously combusts.  Any suggestions appreciated.  Of course I paid cash and didn't get a receipt.  This is the first time I have had such a bad experience buying hay, and the other farmers I have bought from over the years have been totally honest about the hay weight. 


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[RC] buying hay--a cautionary tale, desertrydr1