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Re: [RC] 100s - CTH

The last 15 miles had me telling stories outta school....lol
Bad case of dimmer.
Interesting topic. Alberta has run into this case where a ride manger under ERA sanctioning decided this was okay. She let them stop when ever they wanted and gave miles. I think the BOD allowed it just this once WHICH is why I AERC sanction my rides because though not perfect they have a high standard of following the rules.
Winter is setting into Alberta fast so ridecamp can start the LD verses endurance, barefoot verses shoes  ect ect ect threads
And Tom its good to say hello. Probably see you at Stephs in 2009 if I can afford the fuel to get there.
I am off to Egypt for January to see Maryanne.
It will be fun if there is a virtual race then so MA and I can play
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From: tom noll
Sent: Wednesday, October 08, 2008 5:34 PM
Subject: [RC] 100s

There?s nothing else like a big-loop or point-to-point 100.  Starting before dawn, going all through the day, and finishing well after dark is one of the most amazing things that you can do with your horse.  To me, if you want to develop that special bond, then ride all day long and into the night. 
I can tell you it isn?t as hard as you might think.  The key is pacing and there are plenty of seasoned riders who will pass on their advice.  Each 100 is a gamble, you are dealt a hand, you play it well, but finishing is never guaranteed.  The last twenty-five miles may show you magic that you?ll never experience on any other ride. 
Best Regards,
Tom Noll
SW Idaho

[RC] 100s, tom noll