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RE: [RC] Incentives to enter 100 miles.. Real Ones That Would Work. - Paul

I've followed this thread with interest. As a rider who has completed two 100 mile rides and got pulled at 86 and 90 miles in two other rides, I have felt both the thrill of victory (to finish is To Win), and the agony of getting pulled. I don't think points for miles completed would compensate for the feeling of not finishing the 100 you started out to do.
My suggestions for effective incentives for entering 100 mile rides are these.
#1) Massages and foot rubs with the time allowed for this based on number of miles completed. For instance if you only made it 50 miles, you would get a 5 minute neck and shoulder rub. For 75 miles you would get 15 minutes including back, legs, as well as shoulders and neck. for 90 miles, it goes to 25 minutes of this and adds foot massages, and for 100 miles it includes new age music and scented oil. Aaaahhhhhh.......
#2) Valet service: For 50 miles, somebody will clean up your horse for you. For 75 miles they will clean up the horse, tack and pen too. At 100 miles, all of the above plus  breakfast in bed is served.
#3) Prime parking/camping areas reserved for 100 milers, with priority for those who have tried but not completed their last 100.
#4) No distance awards given (for LD and 50's) at a ride until the last 100 miler finishes.  It was weird at one ride to be coming in for vet checks on the 100 and having to push through the crowd for the LD Ride Awards so we could get to the in-timer.. Then later again having the same thing happen during the 50 mile awards. I think that seeing us close up (hot/tired and dirty)  may have permanently scarred some LD and 50 mile riders from ever attempting a 100. By the time we finished, instead of seeing how proud and happy we were of our accomplishment, they were long gone headed for home. All they remember was how we looked at the 65-75 mile stage of the ride. Seeing that would intimidate any sane person.
These are offered to get the ball rolling. Hope it helps
Paul N. Sidio
Spokane MO, (but headed for Henryville Indiana next week to ride a little 100 mile get together they are having there)