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[RC] New Incentive to enter 100's - Angie Mikkelson

I've only entered one 100 in my life and it was only a few weeks ago actually.  I ended up pulling at 80 miles.  I don't think that my accomplishment was a failure, I still did 80 miles!!  Before I ever tried a 100 I used to hear of my friends pulling at 70 or 80, maybe even 92 miles and being sick to my stomach for them thinking OMG that would suck so bad to do all that work and be so close but not get those miles. Funny thing about it is when I was out there actually DOING one and I pulled I really didn't care.  I actually was proud of myself and proud of my horse.  I don't feel we failed and I certainly don't need my AERC mileage to say 80 miles of a race I didn't complete.  Endurance is a sport, if you take away the risk, you take away the reward. If I had gotten mileage for 80 miles, when I finally finish a 100, to me, it would definately not feel like as much as an accomplishment.  Just my opinion tho...
Angie Mikkelson
AERC #M22232

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