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Re: [RC] to breed or not to breed? - Kathy Mayeda

This is so beautifully expressed! 
However, I do not regret the three fillies that my mare produced.  Only the 1st breeding was of my own choice, the second was a so-called "accidental breeding" by my ex and the third was breed lease.  They are gorgeous. Her 1st one produced a really nice gelding that is now owned by a junior.  None of the three are in my possession and they are totally underutilized and wasting away...  wait a minute.... what am I saying...  If I were a horse collector, I would love to own all three and all of Beamer's grand get...  but I'm already over my limit.....  sheesh.... I regret that they aren't utilized other than being "producers."   My mare did produce fillies that looked almost like her.  My mare is a feisty redhead that likes a lot of attention.  When I went to visit her at the "factory" a little chestnut filly came up and nipped at me from behind.  I didn't even look back, and I asked my ex if it was Beamer's baby.  It was.

On Wed, Sep 10, 2008 at 1:46 PM, Dyane Smith <sunibey@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Even if you cloned your favorite horse, you might not end up with the same
horse you remember.  Nature isn't all that either we or horses are about.
There is also nurture.  I have the horse in the whole world who is perfect
for me and when the technology made cloning possible, I used to daydream
that if I had the money, I would clone my Sun.  But...since I was never
going to have the money, I played my dream out to its logical
conclusion....which is that I am old now.  I am a different person than I
was 25 years ago.  Sun is the culmination of a perfect relationship between
a woman and a horse neither of whom exists any longer.  Sun and I went
everywhere together, we tried every trail we could find, we got ourselves
into trouble and out of it and we learned in the process.  When I first got
him, Sun was a very middle of the herd horse.  Because I adored him, he
began to see himself as pretty hot stuff and that changed the way he treated
the world, the trail and the competition.  We are our DNA but we are also
our experiences.



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[RC] to breed or not to breed?, Dot Wiggins
Re: [RC] to breed or not to breed?, Dyane Smith