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RE: [RC] Advice on a stallion wanted - grannynhorses

Well, considering that we are now in times difficult enough that
people are giving away good horses, turning them loose and even
putting them to sleep, why, I wonder would you want to BREED another

Ridecamp has had several posts of late from those wanting to find
homes for good horses.  It would be much more productive to find a
horse that needs a home that already posessed the qualities you are
looking for rather than risk another horse to an uncertain future.



---- Original Message ----
From: jspoone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: [RC] Advice on a stallion wanted
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2008 15:04:21 -0400

I am planning on breeding my mare next year for a baby to replace my
when he gets older. I would love some recommendations from the
people on ridecamp. First about my mare, she is a 15.1 Morab mare
nice heavy bone, big feet, well balanced, the only real downsides to
her are
she has a thick cresty neck and a standoffish personality. I will
get a grey
no matter what from her so color of the stallion isn't an issue.
What I
would like is a stallion that tends to throw a very nice, friendly
personality, good bone and feet, preferably around 15 hands. I want
a do
everything horse so he must be well balanced, having competed in a
"physical" discipline is a must, endurance is an added bonus. I am
not a big
fan of the overly bred halter lines. I will be more impressed if I
see a
picture of him being ridden by the family down the trail than all
ribbons in the world. He must be intelligent and come from
horses; I can't abide a stupid animal. At this point I am thinking
Arab or perhaps some old Polish bloodlines but that's where my
ends. Any stallion suggestions? Those not wanting to clog the list
can email
me privately at jspoone @ magickmorning.com . Oh we're located in
but AI is a possibility for us. 


Jess Spoone-Raines

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