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Re: [RC] riding in the UK - Esther Young


You can have some of our 'wet stuff' - I've certainly had enough of it now.

We've got a really wide variety of terrain in Yorkshire - steep rocky hills, 
heather moors, grassy chalk wolds, flatlands, green lanes, ancient packhorse 
trails, country bridleways, and man made trails through more industrial areas. 
Ideal endurance riding country, but I guess the problem we have is getting 
people to come to the more 'difficult' rides. They'll come to the faster or 
'easier' ones, but tend to shy away from the hills and then we end up losing 
the rides through lack of entries. I would imagine that's a problem with the 
sport in general these days, though, so we'd be grateful for any ideas you guys 
can give us on marketing the 'challenge' of the more testing rides. That was 
part of the reason for getting the hat-cam, too, as a marketing tool. Our 
hillier rides aren't impossibly difficult, by any means, but you do have to 
ride to the terrain and if you're expecting to get round at 10+mph on a regular 
basis then you're going to end up with a
lame horse. 

I'm on the bay, by the way. He's Harry, aged 22, and he'd be most put out to be 
called cute. He's hard, he is. We 'just' do the shorter stuff these days as he 
has delusions of indestructibility and I'm trying to preserve those old joints.

The grey ears are our other horse, Spider (Spud), who was screwed up by the in 
hand show world before we got him. He's much happier now: 



From: "Ann Blankenship" <greenwoodann@xxxxxxx>
Subject: [RC] riding in the UK

Esther, I really enjoyed the clips of your rides.  It was fun to see what
your trails are like.  I love all the stone fences!  But what was that 'wet
stuff' on the trail?  We haven't seen anything like that here in California
for months and months!  That little horse in front of you was a cute mover.
I'd liked to have seen pics of your horse and that horse from the side
instead of just that cute little rump bouncing down the trail..  the
horse's, not the riders, although..  er, I'm getting into trouble with this.
Anyway, thanks for sharing.

Ann Blankenship

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